Automatic Chicken Coop Door and Controls

Automatic Chicken Coop Door and Controls

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Automatically open the coop door in the morning and close the door at night. No more forgetting to open and close it yourself. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that the chickens are automatically protected from night-time predators. 

  • Constructed of High-impact ABS, stainless steel, aluminum and nylon materials
  • Planetary gear motor for robust, reliable operation
  • SLA battery included in control box (see images)
  • Battery charge controller is part of the door controls
  • Wall power adapter included with kit
  • All door and control box mounting hardware included with kit
  • Control box is remotely mounted for convenient access. There's no need to go into the coop to manually open and close the door.

Fully programmable modes, but the default mode is the most common usage so all that's required is to simply turn it on to use.

  • Multiple modes of operation
    • Open in the morning and close at dusk (default mode)
    • Open based upon time (noon perhaps?) and close at dusk
    • Open based-upon time and close based upon time
    • Open at a preset time-period before dusk and close at dusk e.g. You can open the door 3-hours before dusk and then close at dusk. The actual time of opening will change as the time of dusk changes. 

Package includes the following:

  1. Door and Frame with Motor
  2. Door mounting kit (not pictured)
  3. Control Box
    1. Light sensor
    2. SLA Battery
    3. built-in charge controller
    4. Control box mounting kit (not pictured)
  4. 16.4 ft (5m) cable to connect controls to door motor (not pictured)
  5. Wall wart style power adapter 100 - 240VAC input and 15VDC 0.56A output
  6. Setup guide