Automatic Coop Door Features

The Automatic Coop Door feature set includes a number of features to operate the door in an intelligent manner. The door will keep track of light levels, time, and temperature. It will sense the amount of current being used to drive the motor when the door opens or closes in order to detect any obstructions or when the door is open or closed.

Automatic Coop Door Feature List:

Control Box

  • Manual Open/Close button for easy operation from outside the coop
  • Light indicators
    • Door is open or closed
    • Controller Status
    • Battery Status
      • Battery Low
      • Battery Charging
  • Simple programming steps if the operation ever needs to be changed
  • Light-sensor included
  • SLA Battery and charger included
    • Battery allows door to operate for a month without external power
  • Temperature sensor included
    • Remote mounting of the controls for convenience
    • Sensor-less detection of the door position
    • Door obstruction detection. Door controls won't attempt to squish anything in the way including chickens and fingers
    • Easy to connect SAE connectors

    Programming Options

    • Set Time (required for time-based options)
    • Set Auto/Manual operations (defaults to Automatic Control)
    • Set Program Type
      • open at dawn and close at dusk (default)
      • open at a specific time and close at dusk
      • open at a specific time and close at a specific time
      • open for a set amount of time (hours) before dusk and close at dusk. This is also known as "Free Range Mode."
    • Set Light Level Levels
      • Light Level when the door will open (default 50%)
      • Light Level when the door will close (default 20%)
    • Set Closing Delay time until door actually closes at dusk (default 20 mins)
      • This feature fixes the problem where some chickens like to stay out late and could get locked out
    • Set Lock-In Temperature (when the temperature is too low to open the door)
    • Set Fail-Safe Time (default 11 PM / 2300 hours) will automatically close if the door has manually been opened after dusk
    • Set Door Current (default 125 mA) When the current to the door rises to this level, then the door will cease attempting to open/close


    • Tough ABS and aluminum construction
    • Door motor has a very robust planetary gear-head
    • Color options to match your chicken coop trim or decor
    • Aluminum door backing and powerful motor prevents door from being forced open
    • Outside dimensions: 16 3/4" wide x 24 1/8" tall (42.5cm wide x 61.3cm tall)
    • Door opening dimensions: 11 1/8" wide x 14 3/4" tall (28.26cm wide x 37.5cm tall)
    • Predator resistant
    • 1 year warranty
    • How long will this door last? It's been tested to 20,000 cycles with absolutely no trouble. This is 50+ years of normal. That's a long time!

    Solar Panel options

    • 2.5 Watt option
    • Weather-proof construction
    • Amorphous silicon solar panel will generate current in cloudy conditions
    • Power adapter cable to allow the solar panel to connect to the controls battery charger
    • Mounting Kit to easily mount the solar panel

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